AJ Basinski is a veteran of the Vietnam War, Following the completion of his tour of duty, he attended law school under the GI Bill. For forty years he was trial attorney in Pittsburgh.  If you are a fan of the legal mysteries of John Grisham, David Baldacci, Michael Connelly or Lisa Scottoline, you will find Dead in the Water to be the perfect book to add to your library of legal fiction. 

And for those of you seeking a little romance along with your detective mystery, ​A Reservation for Murder​, is the perfect read for you.  If you like the fiction of Harlen Coben, you'll love A Reservation for Murder.

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In this latest installment of the Lieutenant Morales mystery series, Lieutenant Morales has traveled to Palm Island in order to try to rekindle a romance with the exotic Sun Li. Instead, he finds himself involved in two murder investigations and almost loses Sun Li altogether.

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A new bride disappears one night while on her honeymoon cruise. A frantic search of the ship fails to find her. An investigation by the head security officer and ex-LAPD homicide detective, Lieutenant Mario Morales, suggests foul play may be involved in her disappearance. 

At the top of the suspect list in her disappearance is a wealthy, Florida automobile dealer. When he is arrested and charged with her murder, he hires a successful Miami trial lawyer. 

But is the lawyer acting in the best interests of his client or is he part of a conspiracy with a Chinese businessman who is trying to import illegal drugs into the United States? 

At great personal risk, Lieutenant Morales persists and uncovers what really happened to the bride.